How to upload a short video on YouTube

Upload short video on YouTube

Update YouTube

First of all, update your YouTube app from the play store, or check you are using the latest version of YouTube.

Upload Video on YouTube Short

  • Now open YouTube

  • Click on the plus + button in the bottom navigation.

  • YouTube short video

  • Select the Video icon on the left side.

  • At the top, Create a Short option would be visible.

  • YouTube short video
  • Tap on the button and start creating a video.

  • You can make only a 15-second video. You can upload the video from your files too.

  • After creating a video tap on the Next button

  • Recheck your created video and go Next

  • Now add video title, choose privacy (who can watch your video), and select your audience.

Finally, tap on the upload button. Congratulations your video has been uploaded.