Welcome to arUsa Tech!

Why arUsa Tech?

These days 90% of startups are failed within five years of their development. We tried to find out the main reason behind the big issue in the startup field. We found that most of the startups are failing due to the lack of founder's entrepreneurial skills, like managing staffs, dealing with their business partners, motivations, stress management, emotional intelligence, effective leadership quality, financial skills and many more. The main problem in child entrepreneurs is that they have the only employable skill, not business skills, due to which they want to do everything on their own, they don't know how to delegate the work to their staffs. And the other reason is "Health", the very known quote is "Health is Wealth", most of the entrepreneurs ignore their health for working more and more. There are so many major problems, due to which most startups are failed. But keep in mind nothing is impossible.

What We Deliver?

After visualizing these issue in the startup field, we started to help those entrepreneurs through my knowledge and experienced gathered from hundreds of business books, thousands of entrepreneurial article, videos, and podcasts. Here we will share our knowledge and experiences with you for lifting your business on the next level. We hope you will be benefited from our blogs arUsa Tech and will enter your company in a billion dollar group. Good luck in your future! I wish you to make a fortune 500 company!

Who We Are?

We are the group of entrepreneurs working under so many great mentors of various expertise. We are also having a lot of virtual mentors, great business books, podcasts. We always research about why startups are failed within their five years of development. Our team analyzes the case study of fortune 500 companies every time that how they take big decisions, how they handle wrong decisions and how they deal with their business partners and employers effectively.

Our Goal

One and the only goal of our team through the blog is to deliver high-quality business strategies and tips for growing entrepreneurs what they have not been learned in their academics ever. The small step to decreasing the percentage of failing startups.

Stay Creative! Stay Inspired! Stay Healthy!
Never Give Up